“Though a relative latecomer, Peter van Herk is a unique and engaging talent who deserves a place in Australia’s contemporary roots music scene.” David Johnston, Rythyms Magazine


“in live performance Peter’s own accomplished guitar playing often includes intriguing time signatures…” D.J. Rythyms Magazine 2108

Singer Songwriter

Peter van Herk

Brisbane, Australia

The muso in me

Like many musicians I lead a double life, business development by day, muso at ... other times.

Urban Folk

I rebel against labels and being pigeon holed but Urban Folk is one label I can live with. I can tell stories that have meaning to the people around me but I can be as loud and rambunctious as I like in one song and quiet and melancholy in the next.

In keeping, this CD is a mix of styles, some are rock, some are ballads some are funky but if you listen to the lyrics, ultimately they all tell a story.

I do gravitate back to two main themes. Firstly, being resilient, picking yourself up after tough times and moving on. Secondly, the hidden thoughts men keep to themselves in times of stress. Yes, I am breaking the ‘cone of silence’!

This CD has brought together some of the most talented and empathetic musicians I know which has been a humbling experience. Check out Shenzo Grigorio who puts his viola through the ringer in Mundi Mundi Plain and Craig Claxton who is asked to communicate ‘desperate defiance’ with his lead guitar in The Maranoa.